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Post  Supernewt on Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:24 am

With the new server and focus being given to story i thought it would be good idea to talk about roles you can have in the game, a few ideas that might help you choose a role or perhaps develop a backstory that will be relevant to your role, so lets see:

I can think of two main type catagories of roles that you will get in a server like this remeber were focusing on medieval fantasy, Villagers/pesants and specialised/other.

Villagers and pesants are the backbone of the game, they are your lumberjacks and farmers, miners, blacksmiths, shopkeepers, in keepers, etc, this will be the roles that majority of you may choose as it gives lots of easy RP for you and a fun sense of community. Also they way you earn income will be primarily from the plugins and character interaction.

Specialised and other is simply those who dont fall into the standard RP and server requirements, these can be leaders, warriors, mercenaries, these are more RP specific, they may be required to watch over and guard areas or become a leader of a city or area. They will earn currency different, through taxes and wages, through questing and many other aspects where its not through the plugins and chracter transations.

Remeber you dont even have to fufill a role, you can just be a member of the community! Thats more than fine, just remeber we cant all be leaders, or you will have no one to lead, aslo if no one is a farmer then those goods are going to be in demand.

A few tips to help choose a role:
Dont be magical, there are no powers we can give you in minecraft so it makes no sense to say somthing you cant show.
Choose somthing you enjoy, try to develop on the role.
Dont say your a miner and then have a massive farm. It breaks RP and it affects the economy.
Sell your wares, it will help you and the other members.
Remeber that some roles take time and effort, dont decide to become a leader and then never come online. No one will benefit from that.
Dont be afraid to not go into a role, its ok just to be a pesant or lone wolf.

I hope this helps guys.


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