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Post  Supernewt on Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:37 am

Heya guys,

I thought i would write to you guys just to give some hints and tips on how to create your character and look into RP, so in a nutshell:

Roleplay (RP) is pure and simply putting yourself in your avatars shoes, that is everything that happens to you avatar in game is reacted to like it was you who it happend to. A good example of this would be say Mayor Newton (RIP) was walking down a path and the a creeper came up behind him, what would he do? Well for me personally id be getting my diamod sword out and cutting the fuckers head off! But is that what Mayor Newton would have done? The answer is actually no! Hes no warrior, he spent most of his time gardening and relaxing on the beach, where the hells he going to get a diamond sword from? No what he would have done is his little leggs off.

Thats a really simple example but the basics are there, your charcter is not an extension of you, its you taking the shoes of your character, knowing his/her fears and likes, knowing how you react to situations!

So how do i RP? Well first i think about my character, usually i follow the following steps:
Name - Dost it make sense to have this name? is bob the alien really a good name?
Age - A human lives for what 70 years? But how old does an Elf live?
Race (if applicable) - This can be important for many reasons not least how you are percieved and how you view your character.

What does he/she do? - Farmer, Warrior? This can be important to get a picture of what your character looks like in your head before you see it on the screen!

What does he/she like/dislike? - Think of what is in the minecraft world, does your character had a love for yellow flowers?
What do they fear? - Id say spiders but what about them? Do they like or fear cows?

How do they act around people? - are they shy? silly? wise?

How do they react to things and why? - The biggest questions about your character are here, how do they react if they see and ex boy/girl friend walking the opposite way down a street?

Finally story - how have you got to the place you are standing right now? What things happend in your life that made you sit and read this? What brought them to the point where they have a sword stuck up their bottom and running away from and army of creepers?

You can add more, you can take some away. Do as mush as you need to understand your character, the better you know him/her, who thye are, how they act and how the react the better RPer you will be.

Top tips:
Know your character - read what your write make sure you remember
Dont contradict yourself - Dont say your favorite colour is red then go and decorate your house blue!
Dont reveal everything - Mystery is good, the best RP you can have is getting to know somone elses character in RP rather than just reading a Bio.
Take care not to get stuck - What i mean by this is that at times you can write so much for your character that you get stuck down a path you later regret, somtimes its nice to leave things open ended.
If your unsure ask - "What would my character do if...." Its helped me alot just to take a step back and look at whats happend again and take my time to write a good response.

Well i do hope this helps! Feel free to comment and add tips of your own, just remeber the more immersed in your character you are the better your experience will be!


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