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Server storys so far Empty Server storys so far

Post  Supernewt on Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:39 am

There are several peices fo back story that have been written for the server. This shall be considered the Lore for the server and setting, below is a small part about each piece, i also want to encourage you all to write your own storys and expereinces which will add to it so ill attach a few guildlines for each piece about how you cant fit in:

The History of the Land and the Triveritas
This tells us about the land that we live in, watced over by three wizards that controled all there was in the land. Adar discoverd the nether and was corrupted, with his leaving the land fell into choas causing undead to rise at night.
There isnt really much to add to this bit and write your own as its the overarching story for the server. This can and probaly will be added to as time goes by.

Diary of Samuel Margarins, destruction of Valorian City.
This is a take on the attck of the city which eventually formed the basis for Seabreeze to be formed. It depicts how the city was attacked by a faceless army (caused by Adar) and sams view of that attack. It also gives short reasons for why Mayor Newton formed Seabreeze for refugees of the attack to live in a safe place.
This would be a great place for anyone who wants to write their RP story. Valorian city was the last bastion of humanity in the land, so you have a fantasic part where your character can witness the attack and perhaps their jorney to seabreeze!
Tips: Remeber the army was faceless, there was no apparant leader and the soliders were as discribed, no determinable race. The attack lasted just one night. Seabreeze is the main village that has sprung up from the attack however it would not be uncommon for you to find perhaps a house or two in the wilderness.

New lands
The back story for when we changed to 1.8 server, simply an attack from Adar through the Corrupted Mayor caused the reveal of the reamining wathers of the land Gaian and Ewart. They had before then never revealed themselves to the village nor did they know of Adar. They guide the remianing villages to a safe land many weeks jorney away. You will find this a very open ended story which i expect will give you good room for RP. This facilitates the deaths of both Hans and Mayor Newton to enable to charater switch but also give a small bit of information about Endermen and there creation into the world.
At this point i explain nothing about the jorney, what you find or what you see. Therefore if you would like to RP the jorney or reference it in later storyies it is open to you.
Tips: remeber that you would have traveled together with occasiona guidance from Ewart, or Gaian. You packed light so liklyhood you would have been camping at night. What did you see or do? Did every character make it? During this travel was the time where you learned about Adar and the Triveritas.

So there we go thats a very short wrap up of the current back stories of the land, there will be more added the citys grow and things change in the world and i will always try my best to react quickly so RP can continue. i look forward to seeing back stories come from you guys, this is often the backbones of RP so its always good to give it a go.


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