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It was a warm sunny day in Seabreeze, Mayor Newton had awoke to the sound of birds chirping out of the window. As usual he started his daily routine of getting into his pressed suit and heading down stairs to make himself a tasty pork Sandwich.

He left his house to be greeted by the sun warming his skin and that wonderful sea breeze he was fond of. He set off down the path to the Inn. He checked the notice board and then popped into the Inn, Hans was busy cleaning to bar ready for the day to begin.

“Good morning” Mayor Newton chimed in an upbeat voice.
“Morning Mayor” Hans replied.
“And what a beautiful one it is” the Mayor smiled as he said, Hans appreciated that fact that the Mayor was always happy and positive but in the morning it was often a little too much.

Hans gave the Mayor his usual morning drink and then headed down to the cellar to check some stock, by the time he came back up the Mayor was gone. Hans had lots to do, it had only been one month since the attack on the city, many parts of the Inn were still unfinished and the rooms were full with refugees. Hans was amazed however at how well the village had grown in such a short time, he looked out of the window to see the wall that had newly been put around the village, it had come up in a meeting that the village wasn’t defendable enough, so collectively the village helped build a wall to make it so.

The day past, people came and went and with his usual not so smiley self Hans served the villagers and travellers alike. As dusk set and Hans began to close for the evening, Mayor Newton popped his head around the door and waved good night to him.

Night fell and the air grew cold, the wind coming inland was quite heavy that evening. Hans lay in bed listening as doors and shutters clattered around in the wind, then he heard a sound, undead.

He had hoped with the walls in place and the warden on guard they would be a thing of the past, but not tonight it sounded like there were a lot more of them than usual. He grabbed his sword and went down stairs into the bar area and looked outside, the village was empty, he was looking up and down the green and there was nothing to be seen. He took a look out of the window looking at Smithy Lane, again it was quiet.

“It can’t be” Hans thought to himself in dread. He ran to the back window overlooking the sea and more worryingly Seabreeze Cottage the home of Mayor Newton. There he watched as a cloaked figure stood among a horde of undead monsters, what was strange is that they weren’t attacking, they were following him. He and the horde headed slowly down the path toward the village.

Hans knew he had to warn everyone, he ran out of the Inn down the street “ATTACK!” he shouted, he couldn’t think of anything else to get people’s attention.
“ATTACK” he kept shouting running past houses banging on the doors, soon the whole village was awake and the reality of the situation set in. The horde grew ever nearer to the village. Hans directed those who had awakened from their slumber to the Inn for safety, whilst he the warden and any of those who had swords or bows ran to fend off the horde as long as they could.

They formed up at the entrance the wall giving them some protection, those with bows went to the top and instantly started volleying arrows at the horde. They killed many but it seemed to make little difference from the endless stream of them coming from the now burning Seabreeze Cottage.

“I AM THE INSTRUMENT OF ADAR” a booming voice came from the horde,
“ADAR SHALL WALK THE LAND AGAIN” it was coming from that hooded figure. He was amongst the horde closing in on the village it wasn’t until he came closer and the light of the village shone on his face that it was clear who this hooded figure was.

“It's the Mayor” the warden shouted. Hans just stared in disbelief, how? What? Why? Questions were many but the answers were few, all he knew is that everything the village had worked so hard for was about to be destroyed and so were they.

The horde reached the gate, swords ready the villagers leapt into battle slashing at the mindless undead, many were vanquished, yet more came. An arrow flew past Hans ear, it lodge in the building behind him, then a volley of arrows came at them, it seemed to miss everyone at first until Han looked to see two bodies that had fallen from the rampart above arrows imbedded into their bodies. Still those that remained continued to fight, arrows found their way into zombies heads and the bones of skeletons were piling high.

Hans caught sight of the Mayor, with full force he cut his way through to him, only for him to disappear before his very eyes. Hans wondered where he had gone until he heard a scream from behind him. Up on the rampart the dark figure stood with his hands around a mans throat, he seemed to teleport from one person to the other, killing them one by one. Hans just stared in fear as he watched the Mayor, throwing men off the side into the horde of zombies. Hans swung his sword, chopping the undead that came into contact with it in half, Hans stood staring at the Mayor, who turned towards him to meet his gaze and growled. In a blink of an eye he was stood before Hans, the shock knocking Hans to the ground, kicking away his sword the Mayor stamped his foot hard on the chest of the barkeep. Bending slowly towards him he whispered into his ear, “your soul is his now” and with that the Mayor thrust his blacked hand into the chest of Hans tearing his still beating heart from his body and watched as the life faded from the eyes.

The Warden shouted “RETREAT”, running with their backs to the horde those who were still alive made there way to the Inn. They barged their way in through the door and barred it shut, they dragged tables and chairs, then rejoined the other villagers.

The horde surrounded the Inn, thousands of undead lined up, banging against the walls and doors. Some windows were smashed, fortunately they were not wide enough to allow access, however the smell of fire and rotting flesh was nauseating. Banging every second the groaning would have been enough to send anyone crazy, arrows fired at the now barred windows, the villagers had pushed a chair and bookcase in front of the broken ones.

“Those who cannot fight I recommend you go upstairs” the warden said, they rushed up at his command, sealing the doors behind them. A few able bodied villagers stayed below just in case the horde broke through, they kept watch though arrow sized holes in the furniture in a hopes that they will just leave.
It was but a minute later when the Inn began to fill with smoke, it dawned on them very quickly what was about to happen. The horde couldn’t enter into the Inn, so they would burn it down, and everyone inside would be burned alive. There was nowhere to run, the cellar was a dead end and the Inn was surrounded from all sides, all that could be heard is a roaring fire and a laugh so evil it sent shivers down your spine.

“BURN!” the Mayor shouted, “BURN AND BE REBOURNE TO YOUR MASTER ADAR THE ALMIGHTY” screams were heard upstairs as the gravity of the situation was finally realised by all in the Inn...they were all going to die.

Suddenly a massive clap of lightning crashed to the ground, landing in amongst the horde instantly frying those around it. At this point even the Mayor turned to look, where the lightning struck a hooded man stood, he stood looking down at the ground with a staff in his right hand. It was pure gold with a glowing diamond on the end, the light scared the undead around him if only for a brief moment. Then as quickly as he appeared another flash of lightning landed not 10 foot away in amongst another group of now fried undead. There stood another hooded figure, this time holding a wooden staff with a swirling stream of water coursing around it.

The first figure looked up at the sky raising his staff up high, he mumbled words to quite to understand, they Mayor watched with intrigue and rage. As if by magic clouds began to form over the village, what once was a clear and starry sky was now a swirling vortex of cloud and lightning. The heavens opened a massive pouring of rain, battering down on those around them, the rain made short work of fire, extinguishing the flames of the Inn with ease.

The second figure tapped his staff on the ground, a rumble could be heard the suddenly fully grown trees began to spring from the ground, they grew in a perfect circle around the inn, protecting the sides which had been burnt from being able to be entered.

“KILL THEM” the mayor shouted, and horde of undead turned towards the two figures and began their attack, volleys of arrows were released at both figures. The just stood still, then together they tapped their staffs and seemed to just disappear, seconds later the reappeared atop of the Inn. Completely unscathed they looked mysterious in the soaked robes, but still unflinching they stood resolute in front of the Mayors horde.

The two robed figures turned and faced one another, crossing their staves the both looked to the sky and began to chant, a glow surrounded them both as they remained fixated towards the cloudy night sky. The rain stopped and the clouds dispersed to reveal a shock to the Mayor and his horde, the Sun, the two had brought time itself forward and turned to watch as the Mayors horde burst into flames before his eyes.

They Mayor looked around in disbelief, he frowned and screamed with rage “ARGHHGHH”.

One of the hooded figures spoke aloud, “ADAR HAS NO PLACE IN THIS LAND ANYMORE, HE HAS NO POWER HERE ANYMORE!”

The Mayor turned at the two atop of the Inn, fire in his eyes he channelled all the power Adar had bestowed upon him and launched himself into the air teleporting in front of the two men. As he appeared a massive column of water sprang forth from the sea trapping him within. The Mayor had changed, he was now no more than a blackened ghost with piercing purple eyes he stood silent and still stuck within the watery prison. With an almighty swing the other robed man launched his diamond tipped stave towards the creature. As it made contact, the creature exploded into a million pieces that were sent flying far a wide.

The two men stood releasing the spells they had cast, the trees retreated back to the ground and the water returned back to the sea. The village green was now a collection of rotting flesh and bones, the Seabreeze cottage was a smouldering wreck and the Inn was damaged beyond repair.

As those who remained ventured outside to see what had happened the two figures stood together facing the survivors. They looked bewildered at the scene, some wretched at the smell, other gasped in amazement and confusion, and most wept for the lost loved ones.

“You are bound to all have questions, for now we have little time, what I will say is this” the robed figures lowered their hoods to reveal what looked like simple men. “I am Ewart the Lifebearer and this Gaian the Enduring, for now all you need to know is that you are not safe, we are here to guide you to a place where you can be.”
Mumbles went throughout those who were gathered, Gaian chimed “there is little time to waste, the journey is long and the road is dangerous. Pack light and pack wisely for you will never be setting foot in this place again.” Gaian said this with such authority that nobody dared question, after all they had just saved them from certain death.

With the occasional guidance of the two Wizards the villagers of Seabreeze set off to find and land where they could settle and prosper. The village itself was left for nature to reclaim and the portal that had corrupted the Mayor and allowed Adar access from the Nether was destroyed by the Wizards.


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