Extract of Samuel Margarins Dairy (Seabreeze)

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Extract of Samuel Margarins Dairy (Seabreeze) Empty Extract of Samuel Margarins Dairy (Seabreeze)

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It was the darkest of days; hell fire brimstone seemed to be the least of our worries then. A faceless enemy marching towards the city, no idea who they are, or what they want. I remember the guards, standing tall on the walls, bows and arrows at the ready, the few gates we had were manned and defend by our finest soldiers. We had few boats, especially war ones, but we loaded what we could and sent them out to meet the enemy head on. Despite the bravery of our men, the readiness to fight for their lives and the lives of their families and friends, there was no way to prepare for what was to come.

At first there were the bombs, so many of them, fired from a distance to the heart of the city, it was the shock and awe which took us all off guard. We had no defence against them, and they rained down upon us, I saw bodies thrown from one end of the street to the other. Houses where whole families were hiding, engulfed in a blaze of fire, only to have the surrounding masonry crash down on top of them.

I myself was knocked off my feet whilst attempting to run home and gather my family. The bridge I was running over was hit, it sent me flying but luckily I wasn’t that wounded. I remember a bomb landing on one of the towers, I saw some men leap from the tower before it hit, only to land on the rocks below, those who remained suffered the same fate as the tower...there is little left.

The bombs did eventually stop, the sound was strange, they had been so loud even after they stopped the ringing in your ears continued. I could hear men shouting at one another, forming up at the gates, it turns out the bombs had stopped so the troops could move in. I had my family to think of though, so I stood and ran towards my house, the city never seemed so big the streets felt like they went on forever! I passed an old woman cowering over the body of an old man, she wept, I could hear her cries of sadness through the ringing of my ears. “Why” is all I could think at the time, why is it happening to us, what have we done?

I turned the corner to the street where my house was on, instantly I feel to my knees...the street was badly damaged, craters in the roads, many of the houses that stood were no longer standing, including mine. I forced myself to stand and I ran to my house, the front had collapsed but the back was still intact, “perhaps they are still alive”.
I shouted for a reply but there was none, so I started to dig, and pull at the debris that was once my house. “They must be alive” I told myself as I lifted and pushed and pulled and clawed, “they just must be alive”.

I heard shouting, not from the rubble like I had hoped but from behind me. I watched as five of our soldiers ran past me, one grabbed me, trying to pull me with them, fear was in their eyes. “You have to come with us!” they shouted, I resisted against their pull, “my family” I screamed at them, one solider stood and looked at me for a split second, the others carried on running. “I can’t” the solider said and ran to catch up with the others, I stood and watch them run away then I continued to pull apart the rubble. It didn’t even cross my mind why they are running, that is until it was too late.

I could hear them but I ignored it, the sounds of heavy metallic feet clanking against hard stone ground, I just couldn’t pull myself away from the house until I heard a more worrying sound. I turned around to eye what I could have only explained as a demon at the time. It was a man, over seven foot tall, he wore thick jet black metallic armour, it was battle warn with scratches dents but no holes. I couldn’t see his face, it was covered by a large dual horned helmet but his eyes were there for all to see. They stared at me, wide and unflinching, I stared back, fear in my eyes, I must have looked so small and pathetic to him.

He lifted his sword high above my head, my heart slowed; they say you can see your life flash before your eyes before you die. It didn’t for me, it just went slow, it was like I was about to watch my death in slow motion from another person perspective. It was that perspective where I watched the sword swing towards me, from right to left the black handled sword flew towards my body; there was nothing I could do...

Suddenly the man jerked and dropped to one knee, the force of the sword still too strong to stop moving however its aim had dropped, it hit my thigh cutting through my flesh like it was air. I felt my bone snap under its weight, the pain was unimaginable...but with pain at least I was still alive.

My focus was out I could see the black beast in front of me, grabbing at his leg, and I could hear shouting from behind me. When my view came back into focus I could see that an arrow had found its way into the knee of the man. He had fallen to the floor mid-swing, the arrow had saved my life, the pain subsided only briefly as the man stood once again, ripping the arrow from its knee. Fear took over whatever pain I had originally felt, this was surly it, however the beast didn’t look at me, its eyes were watching the owner of the arrow who had just scurried off into the city, and enraged demon hot on his tale.

I tried to stand but I couldn’t, my leg was loosing a lot of blood and the pain just would not stop. I lay there, amongst the ruins of my house in the cold of night and slowly slipped away into unconsciousness.

“Morning...I’m still alive” I exclaim to myself aloud, it took me a moment to come to my senses, I had been awakened by a man putting pressure on my leg. As my sense came back to my so did the pain and I screamed loud at the pressure being applied to my leg. Instantly that man released my leg only to put his bloody hands firmly over my mouth to quiet me.

“Shhh” he said, “there’s no telling if any of them are still here”, all I could see were this man’s eyes starting at mine. I nodded my head as to signal understanding and the man released his hands and moved back towards my leg, I couldn’t help but flinch.

“Relax, if I don’t stop the bleeding you won’t make the journey”, I grit my teeth together as he pressed hard on my leg and tied what seemed to be the sleeve of his shirt tightly. The pain subsided slightly but I wouldn’t have said it was anything below terrible!

He dragged me to a cart and lifted me onto it, I used what little strength I had left to aid him in doing this. I’d lost a lot of blood as soon as I rested on the cart I lost consciousness, the next time I awoke we were amongst trees, travelling down a path the sun was high in the sky. I awoke again this time in a tunnel, I watched the cold stone pass above my head with a flicker of torch light every now and then.

I remember waking up in a bed, the sheets were soft and clean, the room was well decorated and lit and best of all my leg didn’t hurt...

This is an extract taken from Samuel Margarins diary, he speaks of the day the attack came to Valorian City. The faceless ones as we now call them destroyed the entire city in one night, killing hundreds, and then they simply left. We have no trace of who are what they are or what they wanted, they are a mystery.
Samuel Margarin died a few days after writing this from an infection in his leg. I carried him back from the city to my home in an attempt to bring something good from all the terrible happenings, alas I was not able to save his life.

It wasn’t long after his death that more survivors made it to my home, and it dawned on me what was needed. I can't bring back the dead, but to those who have survived and lost can I can offer them a home and a community which will bring them happiness. Seabreeze Village was born that day, one day perhaps we will find out what it was that destroyed Valorian City but for now we should be content that we live.


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