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Welcome to Alahmut (OOC) Empty Welcome to Alahmut (OOC)

Post  Supernewt on Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:42 am

Hey guys,

Welcome to your new home, its a little warmer than your used to, but im sure you will all do somthing nice with it. So whats new? Well first there is no leader, its up to you guys how you want to run the village! The most important thing i want to say here is that myself nor Stoffer will be running or guiding the RP here, its all up to you.

There are a few additon guidlines to this village we ask for reasons i will explain. The plan for the village eventaully will be a starting zone, new players will spawn here, where we can watch them RP and ensure they will add to the server, this will also be the place where cities will recruit new members. Im sure by now you all know that we want you guys to eventaully begin your own cities where you can thrive and you can create your own RP, but this village will be an excption because of the reasons just stated.

So what this means for the village is the following:
Please keep it a village - its supposed to be small and a tight knit community, not stretched all over the biome.
Build nicley - I understand once again that you all want to have wonderous massive houses but please keep them small, tidy and similar architecture. A special note due to its location wood and stone are not as acessable, same with dirt so build to the environment.
Build with the purpose in mind - its going to be a spawn village, so make it a good impression of what the server can offer.
Use chest shops - The ingame currency will become a massive part of the server especially when we have multiple cities on the server, its important to give this impression when people first come online so ensure there are facities for this.

Myself and Stoffer are here to help, so please ask. I realise this feels a little resrictive but RP can be a little at times, and also because this village as so much importance.

Goodluck, welcome to your new home!


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