The history of Azuras and the Triveritas

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The history of Azuras and the Triveritas Empty The history of Azuras and the Triveritas

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The land of Azuras was a peaceful place, its luscious and beautiful forests, its magnificent snow-peaked mountains and its deep bountiful oceans were the envy of the world. Ruled by three wise and old Wizards known as the Triveritas, they watched and tended to the world, mastering the elements and nurturing life. This lead to the land being inhabited by many wondrous cities and vibrant towns, the people lived mostly in harmony.

The three wizards each were masters of an element:

Adar the Redeemer – Master of fire, redstone and death.

Gaian the Enduring – Master of the sky, the earth and its minerals.

Ewart the Lifebearer – Master of water, trees and life.

Each of the wizards were tasked to master and control their element, ensuring that balance was kept at all times. This was the way the land was rule for many years, that was until the discovery of the Nether.

Adar had done so by accident but it had immediately captivated him, whats worse, the dark souls that resided there began to corrupt him. The other wizards didn’t understand what was going on when new creatures began to appear in the land and the dead were no longer so. It wasn’t until months after Adar has first discovered and been exposed to the Nether that Gaian and Ewart knew of its existence and the effect it was having on Adar.

They acted swiftly bringing all their might they attacked the secrete portal that Adar had constructed in hope that it would break the hold the nether had over Adar. However Adar knew they were coming, and summoned undead and nether creatures alike to cover his escape to the nether once and for all!
Gaian and Ewart were eventually able to destroy the portal but not before Adar had escaped, the three were now only two, Adar was not coming back. The Triveritas had been broken and with this and unbalance of power was formed, the nights saw the rise of the dead and the day saw the spawning of dangerous creatures.

It wasn’t long before the land descended into a chaos, Gaian and Ewart tried their hardest to counter the symptoms of Adars absence but this lead to other problems. The inhabitants of the land grew restless, with the wizards unable to council leaders and keep the peace wars took their place, many lives were lost and most of the cities crumbled.
Gaian and Ewart looked in dismay at the land around them, after so many years of peace it had all just came crashing down around them. Finally there was just one city left, Valorian City, the last bastion of human civilisation, one city was enough for the Wizards to be able to keep an eye on and keep the peace and so it remained for a year or so, the city had adapted to the threat of the undead and creatures that attacked it and infighting was almost a thing of the past. Gaian and Ewart watched from a distance, advising the leaders if needed but keeping out of the general populous.

Then they came, the faceless army one night it just appeared, heading straight for the city it was unstoppable. Gaian and Ewart could only watch as the black army washed through the city destroying homes and killing people. They did what they could but it wasn’t enough, they city was destroyed and what few survivors that remained fled to outlying villages, predominantly Seabreeze Village.

As quickly as the army appeared, it disappeared, leaving death and destruction, to those who has once lived in the city it was a mystery as to who the attackers were, however Gaian and Ewart knew all too well who and what was behind the attack.

Adar had returned, in fact it brought around new suspicions that the reason the inhabitants of the land turned on one another had something to do with Adar. Their fear now was that he must have gateways into this world, making it their priority the scoured the land for any portals to the Nether and destroyed them to ensure he couldn’t gain access into the world.

Now the remaining villages such as Seabreeze need to begin anew, under the watchful eye of Gaian the Enduring and Ewart the Lifebearer the hope is that the inhabitants will prosper and that the influence of Adar should be stopped at all costs, therefore it was decreed:

“Adar the Fallen should never be allowed to rise, his portals shall never allowed to be built, anyone found to be consorting with him or the beast of the Nether will face justice.”


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